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Why We need Insurance    About HDFC SLIC  FAQ   Insurance requirement   Products/Plans

Priyanka Kumar

Finance Consultant

HDFC Standard Life Insurance, Pune

Mobile : 9881209069



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We think that having a short life is the only risk.
Its true but not completely.

Yes, we don't know what will happen tomorrow, not even next minutes. isn't it?
Heavy traffic, food poisoning etc all is a threats for our life. So our life is a risk for those who are dependent upon us, our loving one, our parents, spouse and the cutest gift of god, our children.
We are responsible for their happier and trouble free life. Therefore, we need to plan to help them, make their life easier, even if we are not around. I hope God will be to so cruel, but it may happen. You may not get enough time to secure their life.

So, for what you are waiting for, plan today, even now to secure their life as a royal children, husband or father. Come to us or mail me for a getting a good Life Insurance policy  from India's No.-1  Life Insurance company.

Now, the other part of the story,

Still, you will be wondering how our long life is a threat.

Let me explain-

Suppose, you live as long as 100 years. But you know your earning age will be 50-70 years only. So, the last 30 years you may be dependent on your child or may be on God, for all of your expenditure.
You may  have to open your hand in front of your children to fulfill you day to day expenditure. You can not make your grandchildren happy by giving them gift time to time.
Your children may feel you are  burden on them. May this not be the case, I pray, but just refer 'Bagwaan' Hindi movie. This may happen. You may look around your family and relatives and I am sure there will be lots of example.

I am sure, you will not like to be one of them. So what should You do?
Good, Plan today for that time. Save and invest in our policy especially designed for that and make your life secure and be the proud parent even in those days.

So, don't waste your time contact me immediately for all those information and taking policies from India's No-1 Insurance Company.
I assure , you will get unbelievable benefits.


Unit Linked Insurance Plan (ULIP) by HDFC standard Life Insurance is one of the best Plan provided by any Insurance Company.

Its has shown a very high return (132%) that is highest among all.

Its best suitable to anybody liked Salaried employee specially from Privet Sector( IT, Automobile) and the business man too. As the job of a person working in private sector is not secure, so for the future they need to save and invest in something like Unit Linked Endowment Plan and Unit linked Pension Plan offered by HDFC Standard Life Insurance.

As a  Finance Consultant of HDFC Standard Life Insurance( HDFC SLIC) , I am very keen to help you people to make investment in these plan. Many satisfied customers are in my list. All are thankful to me for my valuable suggestion on choosing the right product.

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I am very keen to help you  in choosing the right plan. You  can contact me on my  Mobile number - 9881209069 or mail me on for the same.


Why We need Insurance    About HDFC SLIC  FAQ   Insurance requirement   Products/Plans


Why We need Insurance

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